What are Chiropractic Adjustments?

The term adjustment is to describe the technique of using manipulation to restore normal position and motion to vertebrae (bones of the spine).  When performing an adjustment, Dr. Handelsman applies precisely directed force with his hands or an instrument to a joint that is out of alignment or not moving properly.  Restoring normal motion to joints allows bones to return to their proper positions, letting your body to function as it should, with less pain.  

Chiropractic adjustments are for the management of pain of the lower back and neck, sciatica, headaches, shoulder pain, auto injuries, and sports related injuries. These are the most common reasons for seeing a chiropractor.

How Will You Feel After Your Spinal Adjustment?

You can experience relief from pain right away. After an adjustment, it’s not unusual to experience increased warmth, or a surge of vitality.  Treatment provides long-term reduction in symptoms. Many people have to undergo multiple adjustments at different appointments to get the full benefit.

Making the Change Last

Dr. Handelsman will recommend doing work at home to help yourself with your pain, including stretches and exercise, getting a new chair or items to help with your back and feet placement while sitting at a desk, for example. Nutrition and exercises are an important part of the healing process that will also be discussed.  

Dr. Handelsman will want you to change your posture to eventually remove the pain that you are experiencing. You may need to change your footwear and pillows, and stretch your body, and this can help you feel better and continue to make your spine move correctly.

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