DTS Therapy

DTS Therapy
DTS Therapy is an Alternative to Surgery

Spinal compressions from disc problems can cause nerve pain, tingling, and poor range of motion. At Nyack Wellness in Nyack, New York, you can work with  Dr. Bruce Handelsman using decompression technology to get the care you need to relieve the pain and stiffness caused by disc herniations. If you are looking for a natural alternative means of spinal decompression, chiropractic care is the answer.

Your Initial Assessment at Nyack Wellness

You will get a thorough evaluation to determine where you are having disc problems. Your range of motion, strength, and mobility will be tested. You will talk to the chiropractor about what symptoms you experience and discuss any injuries that may have occurred. If you have any relevant medical history, this will be documented to help create a treatment plan. You can talk about your treatment goals, and what you hope to get out of the care you receive.

What to Expect in Treatment

If you have a bulging disc, spinal decompression technology used by Dr. Handelsman will be used to help open up the space between your vertebrae. This can be gentle stretching on a traction table, light chiropractic adjustments, and specialized movements to ease the strain caused by compressed discs. Treatment is not painful, and you are likely to find pain relief during your first visit. You may also receive ultrasound to improve circulation, hot or cold therapy to relax tight muscles, or massage to increase blood flow to the area. Treatment should occur several times a week for maximum benefit.

Schedule Your Chiropractic Visit Today

Learn more about the benefits of chiropractic when you schedule your first visit with Nyack Wellness in Nyack, New York today. Call us at 845-353-2862, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Bruce Handelsman now. You will go through an initial consultation, and begin treatment with spinal decompression technology and other strategies, if necessary. Live your healthiest life with Nyack Wellness.

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