Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is an excellent treatment that is often utilized to treat a wide array of conditions and pain. This therapy allows the body to naturally heal itself by utilizing a combination of electric stimulation and cold laser technology. This low level laser therapy consists of a light-emitting device that can be utilized on many different parts of the body.

When you think of lasers, you probably don’t think of healing. Many people first think of science fiction movies and instruments for heating or cutting. These days, however, cold lasers have become a popular treatment method for a variety of issues. If you’re looking for cold laser therapy treatment in Nyack, NY, you should stop by Nyack Wellness. Dr. Catherine Hall and Dr. Bruce Handelsman can use cold lasers and a variety of other treatments to address pain and other problems.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

One of the first questions many patients have is how cold laser therapy works. “Lasers” can be an intimidating word, especially when applying them to your body. To simplify things, lasers essentially mean intense beams of light or energy but don’t worry, these lasers aren’t powerful enough to cause harm.

With cold laser therapy, a beam of energy that is cool relative to other lasers is directed at your body. The energy will penetrate the skin, thus stimulating a variety of biological processes. This, in turn, could stimulate healing and help the muscles relax. The end result? Pain relief.

In practice, cold laser therapy is often combined with other forms of treatment, such as electrical muscle stimulation, chiropractic adjustments, and massage therapy. While lasers on their own are a powerful solution, a holistic approach may yield the best results. By working with a chiropractor, you can develop a treatment plan that’s tailored to you and your specific conditions. If you would like to try cold laser therapy treatment in Nyack, NY, visit Nyack Wellness. Dr. Hall and Dr. Handelsman can provide treatment.

What Conditions Can Cold Laser Treatment Address?

Cold laser therapy is a relatively new type of treatment, so we’re still learning about its full healing potential. However, cold lasers have proven effective in helping with a variety of different aches and pains. Cold laser treatments may be especially effective at dealing with conditions associated with inflammation, like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. It’s also an effective method for dealing with sports injuries, lingering problems caused by car accidents, and more.

Cold laser therapy may stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. It’s possible that such treatment could help cuts heal faster or for torn and worn ligaments to recover more quickly. There is no such thing as a panacea, however, laser treatment may be one of the most flexible and versatile types of healing available. 

Not sure if cold laser therapy is right for you? It’s wise to speak with a chiropractor. In some situations, alternative or additional forms of treatment may be recommended. What’s important is developing a treatment plan specific to your condition. Want to schedule cold laser therapy treatment in Nyack, NY? Dial 845-353-2862 to reach Nyack Wellness and Dr. Hall and Dr. Handelsman.

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