I'd like to put in a good word here for a very decent chiropractor. I am a patient of this office for two years I'd like to report that this is an excellent office.
I originally went to Dr. Handelsman because I messed up my back. One day, I was playing tennis and suddenly heard an unpleasant "pop" in my lower back -- which resulted in incredible pain and me not being able to even stand up straight. Frightened, the tennis pro at the Nyack Field Club suggested I see Dr. H. After a few weeks, he had my back healed and pain free and I had a much better knowledge of my particular back problems and how I could avoid pain in the future. My tennis game also improved.

Dr.Handelsman and his staff are professional, helpful, knowledgeable and caring and they are never too busy to see you. If you encounter the unfortunate circumstance of back pain or injury, don't hesitate to visit this office. Dr. Handelsman and staff will help and work to resolve the injury quickly so that you can get back to living life as soon as possible!
Neal O
Valley Cottage
When I learned that Dr. Handelsman was offering a new kind of advanced laser treatment that could possibly help rehabilitate my knee and allow me to continue playing tennis without swelling and knee pain, I made an appointment to try a few sessions. I have had a total of 10 treatments and the changes I see are nothing less than incredible! The treatments are simple, fast and completely painless, and I can see a dramatic difference in how my knee feels after I play tennis, another sport or just after exercise."

Doug C.
Age 53

“I suffered severe chronic low back and neck pain. I starting coming to Dr. Bruce and I felt relief from the first week on. I seldom have any pain at all now. Thanks be to the Lord and the abilities and compassion He has given to Dr. Bruce, I am continually rejoicing.”
Lana G

“Dr. Handelsman is first chiropractor I have ever been to. I was nervous at first. Being a restaurant server, I have experienced pain in my back and neck, every day. The pain has been subsiding. I trust Dr..Handelsman, he is very gentle, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor. Thanks Dr. Handelsman!”
Rosanne G
Spring Valley

I was really satisfied with the personal and competent care I received here. Not only was I relieved of my unrelenting back pain, but I was given the time and attention that I required. I was never rushed or made to wait for a long time to see the doctor. Between the chiropractic adjustment, massage, and acupuncture, I feel like a new person. I highly recommend Dr, Handelsman, and Dr. Hall.
Steve G

Dr. Handelsman fixed me, I mean it.  When I first came to his office, I had been a long time sufferer of neck and lower back pain, which I had treated with by other chiropractors.  I have had truly remarkable results with Dr. Handelsman.  Add to that his phenomenal energy and his attention to individual care you have a truly singular doctor.  Dr. H will help you. Lois G, Nyack NY


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