Neck Pain Treatments

If you’re looking for assistance with neck pain and you live in Nyack, NY, or nearby, contact Nyack Wellness. Dr. Bruce Handelsman and Dr. Catherine Hall have helped countless patients deal with chronic pain, including neck aches. Various chiropractic treatments could not only provide pain relief but may also spur healing.

The Many Causes of Neck Pain

Many different events and conditions could result in neck pain. Often, chronic pain in the neck is the result of some sort of accident. You might end up in a car accident and suffer whiplash, for example, which can fray the muscles and connective tissues in your neck. An injury could also damage your spinal discs or cause a subluxation of the cervical vertebrae.

Further, poor ergonomics can cause pain in the back and neck. The chair you use at work, your pillow, the seat in your car, and many other pieces of furniture can put undo stress on your spine. Bad posture is also a common cause of neck and spine issues.

The good news is that no matter the source of your aches, you may be able to get neck pain relief in Nyack, NY, by contacting Nyack Wellness. Dr. Handelsman and Dr. Hall would be glad to help.

Treating Neck Aches with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care focuses on using a variety of treatments to resolve the underlying issues causing your neck aches. This means you can enjoy not just short-term pain relief, but also long-lasting healing.

One of the most common forms of chiropractic care is chiropractic adjustment. A chiropractor can use their hands to ensure proper spinal alignment. This technique is often combined with massage therapy, which focuses on relieving muscle tension.

Acupuncture may also activate and direct your body’s healing mechanisms. Therapeutic exercises, nutritional counseling, and various other forms of care can also help folks recover from whiplash and pain in the neck and back. 

If your pillow, mattress, office chair, or another piece of furniture is contributing to problems with your back or neck, a chiropractor can advise you on furniture with improved ergonomics. Cold laser therapy may also help with various pains. Ultimately, chiropractors are neck and back pain relief experts and their assistance could dramatically improve your overall quality of life.

Should you suffer from neck pain and live in Nyack, NY, or nearby, Dr. Handelsman and Dr. Hall can provide a variety of long-lasting pain relief treatments. Call 845 353 2862 to get the conversation started.

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